Monday, August 12, 2013

Design Wall 8-12-13

Today is our actual anniversary.  41 years.  Can you believe I am that old?  I can't.

I went to a Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana (CFAL) meeting yesterday and got inspired.  There are some fabulous fabric artists in this group.  One works with recycled garments; another with her own dyes; another with bits of things woven into her pieces; another with books.

One announced that she has 4 pieces accepted into various parts of the Houston Intn'l Quilt Show this year.  I rub elbows with greatness.......full of themselves, but greatness nonetheless.

This week, my measly self will work on figuring out how to quilt the 5 pieces that came home with me from the retreat a few weeks ago.  I have another retreat at the end of this month.  I am going to see what I need to finish and start compiling stuff.  Grouping, any way.  Grouping things that need to be finished that I can work on there and get done.

I need to get some grey for the Taking Names quilt to finish up those sides.  Rest assured, it is actaully even, but my angle is not.

Last time I was in the Felicianas at the retreat, I did the Ker Bloom. Remember that?  Maybe I will actually get that quilted soon!

 I hope you have a great week.  Mine will be busy once again!  I am going to get over to see Charlene since I miss that face!  Monday, hopefully.  If it doesn't rain on my parade!


  1. My face needs seeing! Miss you too!

  2. you don't look old - must be all that gluten free, dairy free food. maybe I should try that cause I'm faling apart - lol!

    what is that photo at the top in the fog? I sense there is a story behind it?


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