Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finishing out the Biloxi photos

I got some nice photos from Biloxi, MS.  Here are a few more of them for your viewing pleasure.

I am heading off to a CFAL meeting, which is my Fiber Artist Guild.  I never remember what the C stands for, but the rest of is it Fiber Artists of Louisiana.  That part is easy.

I didn't know about the Civil Rights Wade-Ins!  Very interesting.  I might need a mental picture to do an art piece with people wading in and holding thier skirts up,  cool!

Frank and I used to shrimp when we had the boats.  Ours wasn't this big.  Our nets dropped off the side of the boat and we had to haul them in by hand.  It took both of us to pull those trawl boards up from the water.  And we would catch not only shrimp but fish as well.  And  couple of sea monsters too.

I think there were three lighthouses, this is one by the marina.

This is a shrimp boat with its butterfly nets spread out.  I think those are birds sitting on the wires.  Or lights, most shrimping is done at night.

This is the Biloxi Lighthouse that was blown over by Hurricane Katrina.  It has been righted and refurbished.  You could pay $5 to go up in the glass but we all know that as much as he likes lighthouses, he is one cheap dude!

I am going to have to do more tomorrow.  I have to go to my meeting now.

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