Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grey Matter

I don't know what it looks like.  A bunch of grey matter maybe.

Here is what I am working on right now.  I have 1/2 of the last sock for Frank done and I went in to the shop to ask a question.  I walked out with two new projects and 6 skeins of yarn.

I was so eager to begin one of them that I started it that night!  Here is where I am so far.

It is 100 cast on stitches.  And that sounds like a lot but it is like 50 half square triangles.  You just get it done.

I had a new injection in my knee last Wednesday and it ached for the next day.  I have another one on this Wednesday so I have my work ready for me! I think it will go fast this way.

I will have more info for you on this pattern and project later.  But aren't you proud of me for at least finishing ONE pair of socks and ONE more sock before getting sidetracked on another project?  My quilting would not be!  I did make a mistake in this but I think it will look like a pattern element.  One of my row markers fell off and it was headed for McGee's tummy before I realized 4 rows later than I had not come across a marker in any significant amount of time.  Oh well, learning curve.

Hugeaux, the Grand-Dog is with us Saturday and Sunday.  We had just come in from our walk and he came toward me stumbling.   He looked like he was not breathing, so I grabbed him and stuck my fingers down his throat to see what was there.  Actually I looked first, if you stick fingers first you may push it further down if there is something.  But I felt nothing.  I yelled for Frank and Hugeaux continued to stumble around against the walls.  He finally came to lean against my legs.  I put him on his side and felt his legs for possible causes of walking pain.  Nothing.

I realized he was most likely having a seizure.  I told Frank we were heading to the E-Vet.  Frank had to get the Basset Boyz into their kennels and as he got the treat canister open, Hugeaux heads over that way.  He was coming out of the seizure.  He looked around like, what?

When I called Carrie she said he did something similar on Wednesday night.  She is going to contact the vet on Monday and see what she wants her to do.  If he is having seizures there is not much to do, but they can put him on phenobarbital and keep them to a minimum.  Poor baby!

In other news, he says I am a nice candidate for a knee replacement but I am not quite ready for one yet.  However, that said, i will not wait as long as my mother did.  She had her knee replaced and then 2 years later she was in the nursing home.  She is not doing well, by the way.  But later on her.

You have no idea how my pain I was in that the pain and inflammation has lessened even with the first injection.  Sooooo much better.  I am going to get the second knee going before Obamacare kicks in and they decide it is not necessary!  We are really worried about the insurance from Frank's company.  They have agreed to extend it one more year, but having to go year to year is a scary proposition.  Neither of us has ever been without insurance in our 60 years.

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  1. Hueguex is soooo adorable! that poor little thing, if it's just regular seizures then it could be worse that's for sure. My Abbey is on 2 phenobarbs a day for them and it keeps them under control but it makes her fat and lazy. I call her my slug. I've tried other meds and doing less but she has the seizures and I just hate the thought of her having one when I'm not there. She looks so scared when she has them so I just hold her and let her know I'm there.

    I would put off the knee surgery as well. I now people that were never the same after and it took months for them to be able to walk.
    but then pain sucks too. hard to decide i'm sure

    the grey matter looks soft, that's all I can say about that other than I do admire you for trying to knit socks - out of my comfort and time zone right now :-)


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