Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Am So Schitzo Sometimes

(I will get you some pics later this afternoon)

Sometime I just don't know what I am doing.  D you ever have times like that?

As ou know I have been so busy lately, it seem I am running everywhere and doing nothing all day long.  So today I had to go to the knit shop and find out how to pick up the two random stitches I lost.  They are just hanging out not attached to anything.  I got the knowledge I needed and lagniappe.

Do you know what lagniappe is?  Pronounced lan-yap.  A South Louisiana tradition!  It is the thirteenth donut in the dozen.  It is the  paint stirrer the store gives you with that gallon of paint you just bought.

Well, my lagniappe was that I walked away with 6 skeins of some really great yarns!  Two of them are linen for a really nice bias drape neck thing.  The other 4 are for a gorgeous alpaca grey.  And you know how much I love those Greys!!

And would not you know......I left BOTH patterns at the shop and have to go back tomorrow.

I sure hope I can get out of there withou buying more yarn....

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  1. Your fabric addiction is not enough? Should I make an appointment for you with the YHA ? (yarn hoarders anonymous) lol!


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