Thursday, August 15, 2013

Those Pesky Creatures!

This time the dogs are off the hook, for the time being.  The pesky critters of which I speak are the darned squirrels.  Here is what I have to contend with.  However, I think I found just the feeder to thwart the stupid  pretty intelligent squirrels.

Check this out:

The new feeder works so much better, but you have to tilt your head.  I had no idea you couldn't rotate videos!

The whole while the dogs were like.....duh, what?

And here is another thing, I have never in all these years, seen a Mourning Dove on my feeders.  They are always ground birds.  See how heavy he is for that feeder.  This feeder has a much larger area for the larger birds.  But even so, I have not seen the doves use a feeder before.  In Hammond, we had ground feeders for the doves.  the cat would sit under the feeder and reach his paw up to find him a bird.  He never got one.  He was a stupid cat.  


  1. Give it a week - they'll figure it out :-( crafty little buggers

  2. The doves are long gone - hawk food!


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