Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Amazing Week in Review

I was an amazing week in most respects.  No one died, no one had their tummy pumped, no one ate my dinner behind my back, and Frank came home every night.

I had lunch with three friends this week, dinner with two more.  I shopped with two fabric fiends, cooked two chickens and made the most amazing chicken cream gravy. 

I had three quilty meetings, and I sewed several of those days as well.  I finished two pairs of socks and started on my grey cowl......again.

And I won first place at the Kaleidoscope of Quilts with my Ellies. 

At my Fiber Group, we chose Self Portraits as our next month's project.  So I will be thinking about myself in a two dimensional way.  What do I want to say?  What do I want the viewer to know?  How to bring ME to fabric? 

I need to do some thinking this week and see what grows to show you on Friday.  Maybe one of my nudes!  LOL.  Now THAT would be funny!

I am linking with Nina Marie at Creations, who just got back from Arrowmount.  I want to go next year.  She is still flying from her creative high!  I want some of that!  Who wants to go with me?  Maybe we can meet Nina Marie there and all create together!

Check out what everyone is doing at her blog:  Creations  and see pics of the splendor of Arrowmount and hear her excitement!


  1. Congratulations on your win! Very cute socks. Maybe that could be your self portrait? Always on the move?

  2. Wow! What a great week! Congratulations on the win, that's so exciting.


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