Thursday, August 22, 2013


I am working on a Diamond Quilt for Ann.  The fabric is from Newcastle and I don't remember the line name, but it is pretty cute.  All the new designers are doing brights right now.  I think I am over them after this.

The HSTs are 6 inches and trimmed to 5 1/4. I am contributing the white fabric.  I bought it to do some Modern quilts that have the white spaces.  I hope to get to some of my stuff after this.  Ann will sandwich and quilt it.

One thing that I heard on the news today upset me greatly.  The dominoes are beginning to fall.  And they are falling backwards.  We are heading toward a second rate health care system and it scares me to death as we head into our 60's.

UPS and Univ of Virginia announced they have discontinued their spousal benefits for their employee health insurance.  This is particularly scary because Frank called the HR Director for his company last week before this news came out and she said they will most likely discontinue family coverage before 2015.

I know this is not a happy thought, but it will affect me since I am the spouse and have no other source of health insurance other than the Health Exchanges set up by the government.

I suggest you contact your health insurance administrator and see what is happening in your future.  I thought we would be safe because Frank has been employed by two great companies for the last 39 years and we have benefited greatly from his hard work.

But now it is different.  Now I am truly afraid.  I'll just go hide under the paper now.

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  1. Wow is all I can say. I don't have a spouse so no issues here, but this is going to be a huge change for a lot of families! You would think they would at least give you the option of contributing more money and not just cut you off cold turkey.


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