Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Value of My Ellies

When Renee emailed me with the news of my grand win, she also gave me numbers of 5 people who had questions about the quilt.

I thought they wanted to know the pattern, or some query such as that.  These blocks are now one of a kind since the Sri Lankans had that terrible tsunami and I am sure they are no longer making these, if they made it through that disaster.  

So I politely called the first number.  The lady asked me to call back later.

The second number offered me $150.00 for it.  I have no idea why anyone would want to insult someone by offering a figure that won't even buy the fabrics, much less the work.  It is clear that she knows nothing about quilting and just covets the quilt and wants to own it.  I would never just ask someone to sell me something of theirs that I casually liked but would never put time into.

I just didn't even call other three numbers.

At least now I know the value of my quilt, "not lower than $150.00"!

Bottom line is, I am not interested in selling my Ellies.


  1. Wow - cant believe the cheek of that second person. I had to open this post when I saw the $150 figure because I thought surely she wouldn't sell it for that measly amount. Glad to see you are not - it is a work of art.

  2. Congratulatons on your well deserved ribbon! As for selling quilts, I've found no one really wants to pay what they are really worth, so I either keep my treasures or give them as gifts and bypass all the trouble of selling. Take care!

  3. Oh goodness, the ribbon alone is worth more! Don't spend any more time with that nonsense: it's unhealthy. Instead enjoy your well-deserved win and your beautiful quilt.

  4. did you laugh? The caller is obviously a "blanket" person and not a "quilt" person! I looked back at your quilt again-it's gorgeous and I love the sashing!

  5. That woman was clueless! People ask me all the time why I don't sell my baby quilts on e-bay and like we all know nobody wants to pay what they are worth.

  6. Congratulations! The quilt is beautiful.

  7. Agreed! No one but Quilters really understand the cost of materials let alone the TIME that gies into piecing and quilting...even a simple tote bag! People have been spoiled by el cheapo stuff like Walmart and they begin to value everything in Walmart dollars instead of the true value...is there ANYONE out there that really thinks you can raise an egg laying hen from birth to adult and harvest 12 eggs for $0.89? Can YOU make a loaf of bread for $0.69? I don't shop Walmart...EVER.
    Your Ellies are awesome and I'm so glad you won that ribbon!


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