Saturday, August 3, 2013

Off the Wall Friday (even though it is Saturday!)

I can't seem to get on the Friday thing again.  Well here is my Off the Wall Friday for Nina-Marie's Creations.  Check out the all the posts of everyone's work at:

While I was at retreat i started the Moulin Rouge piece.  It will be a quilt, probably just larger than lap size.  When Carrie was in Europe after college, she brought me home two tea towels.  I had no idea what to do with them until my friend Victoria over at Bumble Beans had a Tea Towel Challenge of all things!  I remembered I had these two guys and I pulled them out.

For the retreat I gathered all my stash pieces that even remotely looked like they would work.  And I had a couple of ideas from clippings over the years.  I sort of had a plan.  But who really HAS a plan!

So I just kept working on it.  And using up what I had, adding a piece here, cutting this up for there.  And here is where it stands at the present time.

I still need to add more rounds.  But I was very happy where it went at the Retreat.

We hung the Kaleidascope of Quilts Show at the Jones Creek Library this week.  I will have some photos of the gorgeous quilts hanging over the next week.

Check back here to see the show through my lens!


  1. looking good so far. I totally fell down on my tea towel challenge.

  2. I like it! The black is a good choice for the background, your design has alittle of the "modern quilt movement " look to it. I could see you doing a bit of "fancy quilting" in the empty black areas. Or in modern quilting speak - negative space.

  3. Just checked your 365 - did you give up on it? Every day is a huge commitment, I raise my scissors to anyone that can do it, even for a month :-)


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