Saturday, September 21, 2013


I still don't have any idea about when a new computer will come my way.  I am hoping to contact Boy Wonder this weekend.  I hate to put additional stress on him but I WANT A COMPUTER!!!

There he is in that photo, he doesn't dress like this all the time but he did the day he married Carrie.  I guess I need to get a few current photos of that boy, it has been, like what? Four years?  LOL.  He and I both have a few more wrinkles around our eyes!  My friend Mari married them in a secular service at the Contemporary Art Museum.  Something I caved in on 41 years ago to make my supposedly religious in-laws like me.  They never did, by the way.

I am watching a huge Grackle hog the whole side of the feeder.  The other side has cardinals and wrens fighting over the two remaining perches.  I am sure they will all get to have their mid afternoon snack if they just play nice.  Ohh, that grackle can go through some seeds!

We are having dinner with Mike and Renee tonight.  Lebanese.  Something we both love!  Frank has garnered an invite to see the LSU game with Mike tomorrow.  I care not one whit for ball games so I will happily stay home and sew on my leaves and keep the feeders full!

I have completed all the leaves I cut out for the class now.  They are just basic leaf blocks, something I could have done by myself.  But the class was free and had no applique in it what so ever, so it suited me just fine.  Now I need to cut out another batch.  I knew I would not get all of them done in class.  It gave me a chance to see other colors and how it would fit into my grouping.

this was Helen's, one of my favorite color combinations!

And her daughter did hers in blues, which I would never have thought of, but i love them nonetheless!

These are mine.  There are 33.  Yes, i counted them twice.  I have no idea how I could
get an odd number, they are made by putting two fabrics together and thus making two at one time.  I am hoping one is not in the belly of the beast.

I had better start following him with the pooper scooper......


  1. The leaves are gorgeous. I do hope the "even" one show up and not on the shovel of a scooper. I think a husband's parents should be called "outlaws."

  2. Have you checked your backside for the missing block?


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