Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rusting During Our Afternoon Tea

My brilliant cohorts in this fiber group are totally geniuses!!!!!

When I told them I had been rusting, they all lit up and nearly at once said, TEA! in unison.

So after gleaning the info I needed to embark on the next step of my journey, I got back from the grocery and made my Signature Ultra Delicious Spaghetti Sauce for the chicken and brown rice noodles we are having for dinner.  I went to work.

This piece was simple to do yet spectacular! I will be linking up to Nina's off the wall Friday. Check out what others are doings as well

my favorite part
Second rusting
Already rusted fabric from the second rusting was used.  these had a different pattern to them because I intentionally spread the pieces around to separate them.  The rusting was more intense.

I got a family sized tea bag from the pantry and put it into a cup of water.
 I heated the duo in the microwave.  (It did not impart voices or advice to me while it was working however.)

I then put the tea bag on a corner of the piece.  Very interesting.  The tea ran along lines of the rust in the fabric!  Interesting, yes?

I let it sit for mayvbe a minute, and rinsed out the tea.  the change was amazing.  I loved it  so much I just said what the hell and plunged the entire FQ into the cup with the tea and the tea bag.  I let it sit for another 2 minutes or so.  I was eager to see what it was doing, it was all dark in there.
See my cute and sexy shoes?

And this is the result. It is the color of the pavement of my patio!

Hole in the fabric by the Idiot Child
Of course, it is wet, so it is drying HIGH on the fence so my Idiot Child doesn't put more holes in it.

Pre dyeing

                  Post dyeing  Is this not awesome and totally rad?


  1. Lovely your fabric with the brown colors. I wanted to free motion on white fabric again, but I was bored and had no inspiration. I dye it with tea first! Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Amsterdam

  2. Ohhh - Glen - You know I'm all for surrounding myself with smart women!! The randomness of the rust dyeing is excellent!!

  3. Wow! Rustastic! The tea transformed an ok piece into awesomeness. You are so lucky to have such genius artistic friends :-)

  4. I love it! I have been saving rusty bits of junk that my husband finds while walking the dogs in the hills. I also had experimented a little bit with using used tea bags (which didn't quite do what I had expected). You have inspired me to go back and experiment some more!

  5. So the tea dying made the fabric turn gray?

  6. I love the rusted look, although I had a terrible time trying to sew thru it. The thread kept breaking. I will have to try this tea bag dyeing. Your results are wonderful!


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