Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cynthia Rangoni class

It was a good day in quilting class.  But what could be any better tha spending w day with your quilting friends in a quilting class with a national teacher?  NOTHIN!

I have photos for you.  I am such a good blogger friend!  but I cannot get them to orient correctly so you will have to crane your neck to see some of them.

She does traditional quilting, Paula would lover her browns and earthy fabrics.  I bought both of these patterns which included the papers to make the triangles or HSTs.  Saved some shipping and will use up some scrappies!

Here are my leaves from her class on Wednesday.

Here is an incredible wool applique quilt.

And I met with the Fiber group last night as we presented our Self Portraits.  So cool!

Here is the wall of leaves from most of the group, all different, all wonderful

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