Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heron Rust vs. T Rex

Today I am taking a class from Cynthia Rispone.  I cut out half the brown and green batik and hand dyes FQs and am pretty sure it will do for the class.  I know we will not have a chance to do all 18 pairs of blocks in one sitting.

Nonetheless, I am happy being here!

When we were in Calgary, the beginning of the most beautiful place I have ever been, we went to the Calgary Zoo.  This guy is a resident at the Zoo.  And he reminds me of this Rusty Heron I am trying to rust.

 If you remember, we left it like this:  rusting on the cement bench in the Japanese Rock Pond.  But the next morning both the rock and the heron and the material were all on the ground.  Dastardly dog McGee had pulled the whole thing down during the night.  I reset everything the next morning.

But I need to wrap the cloth in plastic to keep it from drying out so it can rust.

I just took the piece and put the last rusty pieces on it, wrapped it all up with rubber bands.  And put it all in a plastic bag.

It is now sitting overnight.  Again,  Out of reach.  Maybe.

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