Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adventures in Rusty Things

I am  on the hunt for something rusty to play with.  I began to ask people if they had rusty things for me to use.  Greg said he would look for some rusty objects around his house.  I looked at the CAAWS building yesterday, but alas, no rusty things to use.

I scoured the back yard, looking for rust in any form.  Drats, Franklin keeps the house up too well.  Hey, I do have some herons I bought at the craft fair about 5 or 6 years ago.  The herons caused an argument because they are made to BE rusty.  He was quite upset to think that I had brought rust in his environment.  Heavens, you would have thought I brought home the Black Plague!

He was not of the notion to keep something RUSTY in his yard.  I somewhat convinced him to let the two herons live in the yard, but I had to compromise by putting them way way in the back reaches of the property .

And now they are good and rusty.  Perfect for my needs.

I found a good place to lay the heron was the bench that serves as the dam for our Japanese rock pond.  I laid my PFD fabric on the bench,  then the heron head.

I sprayed the solution with that sprayer I use to kill weeds that grow between my plants and the stepping stones.  You can see it in sitting on the bench.
Then I needed something heavy to hold everything down.  Two reasons.  One, I want the fabric to touch the rusty stuff, and Two, to keep dogs from playing with my rusty stuff.

Ha, I know, a stepping stone from the "bridge" that crosses my Japanese rock river.  That was the one I could carry.

I would say, perfect.

While I was searching around for rusty things, I found this giant mushroom in the neighbor's front yard.  Yes, I even went out to the street to see if anyone had driven an old jalopy and it had lost some long
rusty parts.

Is that not a cool mushroom?  See how HUGE it is next to Franklin's phone.

I will let the heron rust percolate overnight and get it in the morning.  I have plans for the two pieces of heron head.

The dogs did help a bit.  I can't get McGee to sit right, but isn't that the way it really is anyways?

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