Monday, September 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday 9-15-13

I have not had a design wall Monday for a very long time.  It has been a combination of things: health, pain management and just overwhelming stuff.  but I am back on track.

I missed you all!  Really I did!  Oh....I will be in Halifax, Canada soon, and would love to go to a quilt shop there.  Do you know of a place I can run my fingers through fabrics?

This week I am working on my Self Portrait that is due on Wednesday.  I also have been challenged to use the Franklin Glove Incident as a Self Portrait.  LOL.  Check that one out here if you missed it!

the Franklin Glove Incident

So when I am able to FIND my self portrait that I was working on, I will shoot a pic to you.  It is buried under something that I cleaned up around in my zeal to get a surface I could work on.  Sort of self defeating, huh?

whole piece
But in other news.......I have been playing with Rusty Things.  and it is really cool.

close up
Here is my Over Rusted FQ.  It started out as a white PFD and has already undergone one rusting.  The pieces were interesting but small, so I over-rusted it a second time.  I didn't realize it would overtake the first rusting so much.  Some of my favorite spots are gone.

Can you say:  Learning Curve?

 What does it look like to you?

I really like this rusty corner!

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