Saturday, September 14, 2013

Note To Self

Will you ever get in there and clean up the quilt room?

Yes, I did just that today in fact.  I cleared out a nivpce section and gave myself a place to cut ut the fabric required for the class I am taking o pn Wednesday.  The class is presented by one of my guilds and called colors of autumn by Cynthia Ragone.  They are bringing in two national teachers this year.

Cynthia has a new technique for making HSTs.  Some papers.  I imagine much like Thangles or triangles on a roll, both of which I have used and found acceptable.  The class is free for guild members, a nice treat for my dues payments over the years.

Tonight as a reward, we gathered some friends and headed to Middendorf's restaurant in
Manchac, Louisiana on Pass Manchac which connects Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas about a hour from Baton Rouge.  Southern Living magazine says they have the best fried catfish in the world!  It is the most incredible thin fried catfish you will ever sink your teeth into.  They get fresh local catfish from fisherman who live on the lake.  The fish are cleaned and frozen.  The frozen fish is then sliced very very thin and fried in a cornmeal base.  oh, my, the hush puppies are tender and delicious warm spread with butter.  The cole slaw is sweet and crisp.

The calories are extremely satisfying!!!  And the beer is cold!  You can't beat that with a stick.

Check out Wikipedia at's

And the website at

And when you come visit me, we can go there and try some!

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