Friday, September 13, 2013

Pet Peeve

My totally trashed quilting room notwithstanding, my pet peeve for quilting .....  Yes, I have them in categories.  For instance, in Toastmasters my Pet Peeve is calling the lectern a podium.  Or vice versa. There is a difference, people.  But I digress.

My quilting pet peeve is is actually a redundancy. Someone will say :  cut a 4.5 by 4.5 square.  It is a mathematical given that a square is equal on all sides.  So it should be just : cut a 4.5'inch square.

The formula for a square is S=4l. Where S is the perimeter and l is the length of any side.

However, the carpenter's square certainly looks like a triangle.  Again, I digress.


Use your accurate voice, please.

My other pet peeve is not being able to get blogsy working when I know millions of people with fewer number of degrees than I have already have done it.  That REALLY peeves me.

Here are a few RECTANGLE quilts from the retreat:

this is Cynthia and a quilt she is doing for a customer.  Cynthia loves to take people's ideas and let them buy the fabric.  She sews and creates beauty, gets some quilting in and enhances her bankroll.  I think she has the right idea.  Quilt on someone elses' money!

Here is Elana's Baby Girl Quilt.  She made several of them during the retreat.

Here is Connie, laying down on the job.  She did some ice dyeing and created this incredible piece overnight, with the deer watching on.

Now, here is Ellen's SQUARE

It went from this:

To this:

to this magnificent piece!

Now all she needs if 11 more!

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  1. Ellen's quilt is gorgeous and if that ice dyed piece falls off the turnip truck, pick it up and send it to Vermont please:-)


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