Thursday, September 12, 2013

More retreat photos

Well, before I show you more photos from the retreat, I have to show you what I live with on a nearly daily basis.  I think this will serve to show you how tolerant a human I am, and the great restraint I have exercised over the last year.  Yes, we got him last August, so he has been with us for a year now.


A long year that shows no sign of shortening up one bit.  He was upset that I would not let him out for the 3rd time at 11:30 PM.  I just didn't feel he needed to go out again at that hour.  What he wanted to do was to sit and listen to the night creatures.  Like the deer and coyote.  And armadillo and opossum.  And owl and hawk.  And he didn't need to do that.  I thought....anyway.  He obviously had other ideas.

I was going to take some photos of the infamous Franklin Batting Gloves that spent some time hitching a ride on my butt, but Franklin  left without me getting that accomplished.  tomorrow.

Here are more things from the retreat.

I made two of Carol Oates duffle bags.

This is the elephant fabric.  It didn't occur to me that the ellies would be laying on their sides the whole time.  Everyone was nice and said it didn't matter to them one iota.

Quilting sisters are so validating!

These are blocks from Renee's California guild, given to her when she left them to move here to us in Louisiana.  We watched it grow from this:

to this beautiful piece.

And this is Paula's rendition of Easy Street.  Easy Street was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery this year.  I love her colors, don't you?  she got it put together, and I took a photo, but cannot find it on the roll at the present moment.

I gotta go now, I need to run out and get more TP!


  1. those duffles are great! just think of the fabric you could stuff in there (or a certain bad dog, if he doesn't shape up :-)
    he is very lucky to have such a loving mom and you have the patience of a saint - we shall call you Mrs. Assisi with the Francis glove on her butt :-) that vision just cracks me up - if you don't make a quilt of that - I will - to funny!! thank you for making me lol for real.

  2. That crazy dog! The duffels are very nice!


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