Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Doing Something Stupid;.....All in a Day's Work

OK.  I have no shame.  You know that.  And if you didn't, I will once more prove it to you.

Frank drives very, very long distances each and every work day.  And being of semi-sound mind, he worries about all those UV rays he gets through the windows.  I haven't yet been able to convince him that his windows are UV treated and he shouldn't be getting any rays, so he still feels the need to protect himself from the potentially damaging rays.

Therefore, he drives with gloves.  And since his name is actually Franklin, he has found himself some Franklin Batting Gloves.  He just hops in his car and dons his Franklin gloves and he is set for the next 350 miles. And he is happy.

When he gets home, he takes the gloves off and places them on the passenger seat, ready for the next 350 mile day.

Today when he came home, we changed into workout clothes and headed to the gym to burn some calories. Of course I rode in the passenger seat since he gets violently car sick if he doesn't drive.  I worked out in three separate places:  the cardio theater, the upstairs weight room and the downstairs Bodymasters room.  Of course I came into contact with many people in the course of my exhausting workout.

To make matters worse, I wanted to hit the grocery store for the makings of chicken enchiladas for tomorrow.   Frank says, I will drop you off, just come find me in the parking lot when you are done.  Hmmm, I thought, I wonder why he doesn't want to come in like he usually does.

About half way through the shopping list and half way across the store, this woman comes up to me and she is clearly desperately trying to stifle her laughter.  She puts her arm around my shoulder.  And she can't do it, she just doubles up and bursts out laughing.

I was perplexed.  Do you know what she said next?

She says to me,  I have been following you down two aisles now.  And you have given me a good laugh down each of them.  You have a glove stuck to your butt.

I was instantly mortified.  Can you be protractedly mortified?  Probably not.  But I was definitely totally mortified instantly.

Totally mortified, I reached back and surely enough, there on my butt, in the distinct area of my crotch, was a Franklin Batting Glove.

\So there you have it.  What stupid thing I did today.  Do you have your own story to share?  Come on.  you know you do!


  1. Only you, only you. But frank will smile every time he wears them!

  2. I hope the other one was still in the car!

  3. to funny! you HAVE to make this your self portrait for the art quilt group, you just have to! lol!

  4. I have NO story as good as that!! I have to ask--what color were your shorts and what color is the glove?


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