Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Design Wall 9-23-13

I am at the doctor's office while you read this.  But I have some things to share from the weekend.

The Cardinal males are deepening in color as they mature. He still has some of his juvenile color hanging in there.  Every once in a while I find a nice color feather from these guys to add to my collection.

I have pineapple vinegar brewing on my counter top.  Frank is not happy.  But I am working on Christmas things.  Apple preserves and pineapple vinegar sound wonderful, don't they?

And I want to finish my leaves started in the Cynthia Ragoni class last weekend.  I have 33 plus 24 done and the rest of the papers have been sewn.  Not sure how many that will be but I will end up with that silly odd number I can't figure out.  each paper makes two leaves, and I end up with an odd number somehow.  So far no sign of it in McGee's piles.

And I did finish my Self Portrait for the Fiber Group.  One of our members, Judy Momemzadah has a piece that was accepted into Passages in Quilting Arts, check it out.  It is the Mississippi River Bridge here in Baton Rouge.  Yeah Judy!

 I started a few new rusting pieces with the rebar I found at home Depot.  The guy stared at me like I was nuts when i asked him what was the rustiest thing in the store?  This one is rusted and then tea dyed.  Turns grey.  Yes, really. Don't you just love my sexy shoes?  I wear them when I want to impress people and show them I still got it, if on in my shoes.

We rode to Rotolo's on Sunday and had Four Cheese Calzones.  One calzone with four cheeses, ok?  It was our first "cool" (read 79) day of the summer/fall part of the year.  We had 4 inches of rain that brought the front through yesterday. After lunch we finished up with a 5.2 mile ride through the ponds.  Someone must have tossed this big guy in there because I don't think he was put there by the groundsmen!


  1. yeah Judy! quite an honor, maybe someday we will get there. how do you do the rusting? you can get some good rock looking things from it. I should try one.
    love your scrappy leaves by the way

  2. Love the colors of your leaves! So pretty, and appropriate to share, for the first days of autumn.

  3. Your leaf quilt is beautiful, and I love the effects you are getting with the rusting!


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