Monday, September 2, 2013

the Situation


My computer still refuses to connect to the Internet and I have not been able to get with son in law kid yet to see what the status is on new equipment.  The laptop is so old it is so slow and I have to do headstands to get the Internet up on it.  Not only is the keyboard so tiny tiny tiny.......but i am used to a split keyboard and the transition back to a tiny tiny tiny regular keyboard is not pretty.  I type like this:

the kdytboARE ID VEFRY cewry small.

That was: the keyboard is very very small.


Anyway, why am I complaining so much when I just got back from a wonderful retreat, got taken out to supper because nobody cooked, and got my muscle rub cream for the sciatica nerve pain in my poor back?

Because I can!!!

The food situation worked out very well.  I rarely miss a meal, as you may notice.  The wonderful girls who cook wonderful meals there, felt so sorry for us they left us a huge pot of spaghetti and meat balls for Sunday dinner.  They left all the leftovers from the two breakfasts and the sandwich makings from Sunday lunch.  they make the best Thousand Island Dressing that we use for salads.  I use it for the croissants for lunch as well.  And they left the dessert remains as well:  homemade apple pies, ice creams, carrot cake and turnovers.  

So I did not starve, food was plentiful.  Calories were heavy.  Sewing was rampant.
I will have ti figure out hos to get camera photos on this computer.  I had some nice finishes there.

 Can't wait to show them to you!  more tomorrow 


  1. I blog from my iPad. There is an app (of course there is!) I just email the pics to myself and then download them onto the iPad and use the blogging app. you can do it! You knit SOCKS for heavens sake!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. I wish someone would cook for me and of course do the clean up! I spent a lot of time yesterday (Labor Day) cooking, prepping, and doing dishes. The grocery had pork loin on sale for $2.99 a pound so I bought three loins and slow cooked them. After shredding I had enough meat for five quart zip bags - four for the freezer and the fifth for meals now. I put chicken in a bowl to marinate and will cook that off tonight. I should be set for the next week with protein so all I need to add is a little carb and lots of veggies.


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