Wednesday, September 4, 2013

(See my) Reflection in the snow covered hills

And a landslide will bring it  down.....remember that song?  Fleetwood mac?

Ihave decided to get back into room cleaning mode.  i came to it:

1.  after being on the retreat and being so productive  AND
2.  after watching a marathon of Bar Rescue with John Tapper.

Do you think John would come and rescue my sewing room?

Now, I many time have you heard me whining about this very room?  twenty?  Thirty? four hundred and thirty five?  HUH? More than that?  Well................

I have asked Candy to come over one day, brave the bassets, and help me calibrate  my quilting machine.  I will be forever indebted to her, maybe even will offer her a nice basset in gratitude.

Son in law is searching for a NEW COMPUTER as we speak.  And buddy gal Swooze tells me I can post pics through my iPad using an app, so I will search for one tonight.

more later!


  1. Look at Blogsy, it might work for you.

  2. I use blogpress on my iPad. It works well!

  3. now that song is stuck in my head :)
    hope you get your new computer soon!
    xoxo melzie

  4. Your plate is full! Getting a new computer, getting your machine tuned, and cleaning your sewing room - wow! Good luck with all three tasks. Sometimes when I know I really need to spend some time cleaning house I will either watch a few episodes of Hoarders or have a party. Then again sometimes I just wait until the the feeling of the need to clean passes.


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