Thursday, October 17, 2013

Apple Pie

 During the summer I had a ton of apples and made many quart jars of Apple pie filling.  So I thought, as I stepped out in the first cool afternoon we have had so far this season, I need an apple pie!

I made a crust, opened up one of my jars, tossed together some streusal topping and in 30 minutes had a fresh baked apple pie for dessert tonight!

If you bring some ice cream we can share a la mode!

And I will reward you with some photos from the trip.  How  about Grand Morne Park.

The inland fjords are spectacular.  Thousands of years ago the glaciers carved out the makings of the  fjords we see today.  But none of them are connected to outside waters.

on the way back to the ship I caught this rainbow.

this is the wall in Old Quebec.  Look at the smattering of color in those trees.

And this old turret would make a nice wall hanging. 

more later

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  1. Both pictures and pie are delightful. I made two apple kuchen yestetday--its apple season!


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