Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun with photos

I have a new (to me anyway) photo enhancer that Andrew put me on to.  Look at what I can do!

Still have not found the bar that allows me to post to my blog on my new computer.  Nothing I do makes it appear.  I guess I have not cursed at it enough yet!

So wha I have to do is write the post on my iPad and then finish it by signing in to Google and going to my blog.  A royal pain. 

At one of my guild meetings tonigtht, I made plans with Candy to come and help me tension the quilting machine.  It will be wonderful if I can actuually use it without cursiing too much.  She won second place with her Boys State T shirt quilt she was working on at retreat this summer.  It is incredible. 

So  many electronic things in my life hate me.......

But I can enhance the hell out of my photos!

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