Monday, October 14, 2013

Rough Times

I am struggling with two major things right now  I am not a computer nerd but i am capable on multiple computers.  I have never taken a computer course yet i mastered many programs  by just plunging in and playing.   I am not afraid of computers or sewing machines.

I treat piecing and designing my quilting work the same way.   Sometimes no fear is a good thing!

What I am struggling with is this new fancy dancy computer.  Not only am I having to learn an entirely new system in Windows 8 but I am having to learn a totally new computer as well.

My main problem right now is that there is no button appearing on my blog (at the top where it has always been) to allow me to post or sign in ........aughhh!

I m slowly figuring out the computer.  Like last night I spent several hours trying to upload my vacation photos so I could put some in a new post.  But I can't  find the stupid button to post from the screen on the new computer.

Maybe I need to give it up and take a course.  Or I could just keep pushing buttons like I did with the photos. 

Hey!  Aren't you proud of me that I perservered to this point?

Ok.  We flew into Quebec and spent the night on the 22nd floor of a four star hotel.  Nice!

The basset baby came with us and got his pictuure with all sorts of people in all sorts of places.

Frank and I went sailing in Corner Brook Newfoundland and I stuffed him full of Bonine and he
didn't get seasickk!!  You can see a bit of color in the trees beyond the water.  It was cool, I wore my coat the whole time.

Here is a Titanic moment.

Here is a Titanic moment from the bow of the NCL ship.   No butt gloves in sight!

More later, I need to  get dressed and out for some errands and then I have a project due on Wednesday that needs some metal swag.



  1. is it a touchscreen? Try dragging the page down with your finger - it might be hiding up there - worth a try... you'll get used to Windows 8... once you figure out where everything is, it really isn't that different.

  2. Love the pics! You have a certain amount of hours that must put in swearing, cursing, moaning and bitching for windows 8 to work properly. When you reach that amount ( I believe they program that in somehow) you will all of a sudden "get it". It will come. You will conquer the evil beast.


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