Sunday, October 13, 2013

Home is the Sailor, Home From the Sea

Yesterday I washed four loads of clothes and put away all my bottles and lotions and hair products it takes to keep me marginally beautiful.  Today Frank is disposing of the last scraps of our vacations, he is taking the suitcases back to the storage building.  And we are truly home, surrounded by dogs who want nothing more than to just touch me.

I am meeting with the "children" today to pick up my new fancy dancy computer.  And I will be whole again.

And I will send you some amazing photos of some beautiful country.  There was a hint of color rather than the blazing bright colors, they say because of a blight.  We actually have more color here in Louisiana than I saw in Canada.

And the whale, I saw the whale.  It was a Right Whale.   A rare sighting the captain said.  We followed him for more than an hour by watching the whale's footprint.  Allied Whale was leading the expedition to photograph the pod that had come into the area.  It was fascinating talking to the whale people, as they are called.  I learned so much.  And paralleled their love of whales for mine of my dogs.  Although they lived with both dogs and whales, I am happy not to have a whale to feed.

While I was with Allied Whale, Frank opted for a walking tour where he would not be seasick the entire time.  On his walk they passed the quilt shop in Bar Harbor.  He told the leader about his quilting wife and she took him back to the shop after the tour.  The ladies at Fabricate took care of him (or rather me) and sent him home with yards of four fabrics overflowing with lighthouses, puffins and sailing boats!

I'll take fabric over whales, you betcha!

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  1. Well if Frank was in Bar Harbor, Maine at a quilt shop, what part of Canada were you in whale watching? This is where I from originally!


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