Friday, October 11, 2013

Back in the USA

I have been in Canada for the week, did you miss me?

Halifax, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland!

We are getting ready to board an airplane heading home.   Ann fell the first day even before we too off from the first day port and was so badly hurt that she never left the room except for a trip to the hospital for IV antibiotics.  She is in pretty bad shape now with cellulitis in her leg.  She is unable to walk at all on it.

We had a great time, I did a whale watching tour where we saw a Right Whale which is pretty rare indeed!

Frank opted for a walking tour rather than be seasick for the entire trip so I was alone trolling for whales.  While he was on the tour he told the leader that his wife was a quilter and she took him straight to the quilt shop where he bought me four wonderful pieces of Maine fabric!!!!  What a great husband!

See you soon!  It will be good to be home,


  1. Omg! You went to one of the most beautiful places on the planet! We're the leaves still on the trees? It's colder there so they go faster but oh the fishing villages and scenery is beautiful. I went when I was a kid and we went to Nova Scotia about 8 years ago. Did you get to go to Prince Edward Island? I want photos!

    You have my sympathy on windows 8. We have it on our laptop but since I hate it, I don't use it enough to get used to it. I wish you luck

  2. Aren't you the lucky one having your husband buy you fabric! But your friend has not been so lucky - hope she improves quickly.


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