Friday, October 11, 2013

Windows 8

My fancy dancy new computer has windows 8.  It is different.  i don't think it is hard but I didn't think any of the transitions between any of the Microsoft stuff have been hard.  I just pick it up and go without thinking.  the day the new computer arrived, I was just going to take it directly to the boy, but it came late at night like 8:30 pm.

I couldn't stand not looking at it.  And if you open it and turn it on you have to do all this setting up stuff.  So I did, and was careful to write down each step I did so the boy would know what I had done.  It was easy and I glided right into the first opening of the Window 8.

It was amazing!  I am glad I got the touch screen, it cost a bit more but I am loving the fact that I just touch it it like I do with the iPad.  LOVE!

I got the Vizio, which is made in the US by the people who ran the Gateway enterprise.  I loved my three Gateway computers.  So this was a perfect choice.  US made, by Gateway people.  Remember those cow skin boxes they used?  i still have them all!

I will be so happy to get back and get into my new life with the new computer!  It seems like a whole new life, doesn't it.

The nursing home called and wants me to bring my mother some sweat pants and tops with long sleeves.  I guess she is cold.  She always was cold so that is nothing new.  Her stuff disappears over time.  It goes to other places and she ends up with something I have never seen before.  Group living with people who remember nothing......not even what shirt is theirs.

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  1. i like my window 8 lap top. my brain get's a workout going from the kindle touchscreen to desktop xp to my windows laptop


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