Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Halloween Quilts - I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

McGee has made it through the week without killing himself. So no Skele-dogs

And I am preparing for my weekend.  Got my hair redded, my toes pinked and my vet alerted to watch for the boogie-dogs.

More later.  Share your Halloween Quilts by putting links in the comments.

Here;s mine!  Buggy Barn Pumpkins and black Cats.

The Pumpkins were a fun project with Mary W, the  Halloween Queen and two friends who had never done Buggy Barn patterns before and were freaked out by it.  The cats were just  fun.  I  did the first Black  Cat Quilt as a raffle quilt for CAAWS that brought in $750 that year.

 I did some creatve quilting on the Black Cats and love the way  the turned out. 

 The back was a $2.00 a  yard sale duing tthe summer months when no one was thinking Halloween but me.  The Borders are leaves.

How sweet


  1. $750 bucks ! That's great, it's a cute quilt with all the kitties, eclectically the one polling his head out. Nice leaf quilting too. How was rocky horror?
    I don't have any Halloween quilts - never got into Halloween that much

  2. Love the quilts. I love your fabric choices. I made two quilts for niece and nephew.


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