Friday, November 1, 2013

The Dog Who Saved A Ship

I realized that I had not posted some of the photos I wanted to post from the vacation.

Here is a lighthouse that keeps ships from crashing on the rocks at Rocky Harbor in Grand Morne National Park.  The Lobster Cove Lighthouse was built in Cowshead Bay. Rocky Harbor is located on a flat plain on the western edge of Newfoundland, near the entrance to Bonne Bay.  There are 119 shipwrecks  lining the harbor
submerged in the icy waters.  In 1919 , the SS Ethie sailed from Humbermouth and caught in a storm off Cowshead Point at Rocky Harbor.  The captain knew the ship was doomed so  he  chose to run the ship aground at the lighthouse point.

The Western Star reported about the dog in the December 17, 1919 edition:
"A line was fired from the ship, but got caught up amongst the boulders, so the people of Martin Point sent out one of their dogs, a very sagacious animal, to bring it ashore."

 This was a fabulous tree I found at the entrance to  Western Pond in Grand Morne Park.  Western Pond is an inland fjord.  It kills me every time Frank sayys ffjord, he  screws his mouth up and says: fwyierd.  It is hysterical.
 This is the view to Westrn Pond and of the tableland they call mountains.  The material is actually the earth's mantle that has been pushed up between the  ranges.
 It is a beautiful  place here in Canada.
 The waves are from the Atlantic Ocean into Cowshead Bay and Rocky Harbor in Newfoundland looking  to Labrador.


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