Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting by day

My new fancy fancy computer is in the hands of my sweet son in law to do with it what he will.

And the saga of the back up apparatus is finally over as well.  You know nothing I ever do is easy, right.  So I buy the computer, which inbenownst to me, triggers an alert on my card.  So the next purchase not fifteen minutes later, was the backup system.

So after the confirmation on BOTH purchases was sent to me, I get a cancellation of the lesser amount item.  Go figure that!

So I called my credit card company and yelled at them for a while.   I ordered the backup again with the credit card guy on the phone, it came through the account t instantaneously, and he approved it right then,

So I get a shipping confirmation for both the computer and the backup system and a second cancellation notice for the back up system simultaneously!  Aughhhhhhh!!!!!

I was going to call the credit card guy again, but lo and behold!  The back up arrives via ;Fed Ex.

It is a wireless system that pulls info from the computer using its own little brain.  It will think for me.  And that is what I need.  It is also an external drive that allowed me to not have a terabyte of memory in the computer.  Thus the computer will process faster.

Or some such thing.

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