Saturday, October 19, 2013

Habitat For Humanity Art

I was invited once again to participate in the Re-Store Art Auction for Habitat For Humanity. What a perfect venue for quilters, one that helps people have a home to put quilts into.  I accepted with relish!

For those unfamiliar with Re-Store, it is a wonderful, quirky, odd,  incredibly interesting place full of stuff donated by local contractors when they have excess materials.  Or from the home improvement who is updating their house and replacing cabinets, bathroom fixtures, kitchen stuff.  There are so many little screws, and fittings and washers and tiles and pierces of wood.  It is like heaven for me!!!!!  Next best thing to a fabric store!

They send each artist a $50 gift certificate with which to purchase materials.  You get to scour the store high and low, inside and out for stuff with which to make your art pieces.  You then donate your art to the auction and they make money!  I have seen some incredible stuff made from other people's junk!

And I am about to make some of my own.  Here is some cement backer board with a vinyl covering that will make an excellent base on which the other stuff will be glued.  I bought some circles, some wonderfully ridge-y strips, some squares with holes. 

I plan on gluing these pieces to that cement backer board and using it as a printing plate.  I also scored a set of 100% cotton pillow cases in a light blue that can be the fabric that gets printed!

I also found a smaller piece of PVC pipe for my shibori dyes, which I think will be the first technnique I subject my blue pillowcases to.  Just prior to the circles stamping.

I have procion dyes, which I will post later this week with some cheesecloth I just dyed.  I need to figure out how to thicken the dye so I can paint it on to the circle plate.  And I need to get a brayer.  Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby is in store!

I am going to post this to Nina Marie's Creations page for her Off the  Wall Friday post.  Check out what others have going on as well.


  1. What a fantastic idea! Fun for you and a good cause. Also good to show people what one can do with items from the Restore. We have one here as well, maybe I should suggest that to them. Is there a link I can send them about what your local restore is doing?

  2. That sounds like so much fun!! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished artwork. I'll have to check out my local ReStore to see if they do anything like this too.


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