Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's try the Dyeing To Be Loved Post Again

Let's try this one more time.  I am still doing something so wrong that I am not figuring out how to  get the Chrome engine up but I am doing something right that I am able to get the Firefox engine and the Mozilla one up just fine.  Go  figure?

I have had a wonderful weekend dyeing.  Last week I purchased a couple of packages of cheesecloth and I already had this wonderful set of Procion Dye Powders and somehow, in my kitchen, they collided and  became beautiful!

I started on Saturday and dyed red, yellow, blue and purple.  i didn't even think about  adding the soda ash and the colors were nice and pale.

While the pieces  were air drying, one of the pieces ended up in a certain little dog's mouth.  I found two strips missing.  After a complete and exhaustive search of the premises, I added peroxide to his  stomach and he threw up the two pieces within minutes.  Crisis averted.  Frank says, maybe I need to get your a clothes line  somewhere.  Ya think?

So today  I dug through my stuff and found a nice huge container of soda ash.  I made dye batches and added about 6 or 7 yards of cheese-y-cloth.  I  also had a few yards of white Kona and set up a  shibori style dye bath and even more wonders came about.

Here is my shibori wrap on a PVC pipe.

 And below are the four dye cups from today's batch with the soda ash.

Here are the results from the first  day, no soda ash.  very light colors but you can definitely see the  red, blue, yellow and that weird red/pink color  on the end. 

Here is the set that McGee took a chunk out of.  See the chunk missing?

Shibori Light!  Nice sky for sure!

And seeing the shibori  with the red right now, I immediately thought  of a sunset on the water!  Maybe a sailboat in there, or an eagle!

Here is part of the second soda ash batch.  Nice, you can really see the colors. Look at those yellows!  Oh my!

 These are some interesting pieces that spent some time in two  different dye baths at one time.  They  "hung" out  over both.  That read on the left is really red and grey or  green maybe.

And to top it all off, one of the pillowcases from Habitat that got a  bit of a shibori  treatment.  Not sure if this is the way it will look or if it gets over-dyed somehow. 

We shall see!

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  1. Very interesting technique with the pvc pipe. I only dye lace, so I am clueless about this kind of thing, but it looks good!


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