Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Habitat For Humanity Art Progress

I was talking to daughter Carrie last night and offered her the remaining amount on  my gift certificate for the Habitat For Humanity Art Auction because I know she likes all that stuff.  She is tied up in Junior League's Hollydays right now though. 

It was lucky, beause when I hedked whn it was due, I realized I had to get my pieces to them by November 1.  That means I spent today doing some work on Habitat!

 I hot glued the metal pieces to the vinyl covered cement backer board.  I was thinking this would be a permanent thing, but it turned out to be temporary.  As I was washing the dye off the backer board, the pieces began to come loose.  This is good because I can rearrange them next time, maybe all circles and no squares!

I thickened the Procion dye with what I think was corn dextrose, but may have been something else.  it was leftover from the Ann Johnson class.   It looked like corn syrup wiith a slight golden tint.

When I was going into my dye junk, I found several slk scarves I had intended to dye years ago, and brought them along to the party.

Here is the pre-washed scarf.

               Here is the post-washed scarf.
                    It looks like glacial ice.......

Then I made a dyeing pass on the other pillow case that came from Re-Store.   It was dry when I  make the print. 
 Here is a close up of a wet silk scarf section.

And here is my clothes line.  Fun, huh?  It is  much nicer without the bees that visit the flowers in the spring time!
 I am going to Home Depot tonight to fix the clothesline problem. 

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  1. Hello! I know I have been absent - so busy at work and home! Your dyeing is coming along nicely! I would love to find some time to play, but that is not going to happen for awhile.


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