Thursday, October 24, 2013

Progress on the Habitat Piece

I had just a wisp of an idea of what I was going to do with the shibori dyed pillowcase and the mono printed pillowcase.

I took some time assembling my utensils, and when it appeared I could no longer put it off, I made the first cut.  I didn't fall out dead.

I took a chance at a second cut, and a third.  I ended up with a pile of 3 inch squares.  I sewed twosies.  Then I sewed foursies.  And then eightsies.  Or thereabouts.  I put them together and when the  seams fought I added a strip to calm them down.

Now I need to put it all together and start the quilting stitches.

Oh, and  by the way.....McGee ate a hole in one of the scarves.......

Here is what we are looking like now.

After i eat my lonely oven fried chicken breast with cream gravy (my fav) and the rest of the okra from the farmer's market, i will get working.  Frank is heading in from Mississippi tonight and we can walk the Bad Basset Boyz tonight at their regular time.  And I  will have someone who still won't talk to me, but at least he  will BE there!

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  1. I'll bet you can figure out how to use that chew hole as a "design element" could be a new trend . Like holes in Jeans .


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