Sunday, October 27, 2013

McGee, The Emergency Vet and A Million Dollars

Those words are completely synonymous.  Don't you think?

He is really a lucky dog that I kept him.  He'd already be dead by now.  He would have broken someone else's heart by now.  I certainly don't regret that I am the one who cares enough about the stupid dog to clutter my house with a new decorator item, the baby gate.

Baby gates restrict access to various rooms based upon need to restrict.  My Quilt Studio, of course because there is much fabric chaos in there and he can sup freely on bits and pieces of fabric and trims and small sharp utensils that make quilting easier.  The Hall Bath AND the Master Bath because he has a penchant for whole Kleenex boxes.  And when he get concerned about when his next meal is coming, he heads into  the bathroom to eat the  toilet paper.  Actually he shreds it to make the bathroom a festive snowfall scene.  If  he could think to add blood it would look like the Attack of the Mummy vs the Zombie vs Frankenstein.  He is such a dramatic dog.  Another gate guards Frank's office  because McGee loves to browse in the papers tossed into the recycle bin and shred them for a secondary movie scene.

In the current instance, I thought to dye two  silk scarves for inclusion in the Habitat For Humanity Recycled Art Auction.  They turned out were nice, really nice.  Until he put  a small 4 inch hole in the middle of the best one.  I still had the other to include and had some ideas for creating  new scarf out of the old one that he ate.  I was only trying to be socially conscious, not  trying to kill my dog.  Really. 

McGee was feeling a bit out of sorts yesterday.  He ate his breakfast just  fine, but by noon he refused to take his lunch bone.  I took it in the name of peaceful dog interactions and replaced it with two smaller Liva Snaps.  He ate those.  Fifteen minutes later he threw them up.  I gave him something to settle his tummy.  At the 3 o'clock bone call, he  wouldn't even eat the  Liva  Snaps.  I gave himm a Metronidazole.  About 4 pm violent heaves began to rack his slender body.  I was trying to help him when he began to choke on something long and suspiciously looking like my Habitat Scarf covered with gastric juices.  I pulled until i got resistance and  yelled from Frank to bring a scissors.  I  cut off what I had and allowed the rest to go back down.

Off to the ER Vet.  The initial x-rays showed nothing, of course you really can't see a silk scarf in an x-ray.  The determination was that he  remain with them.  He would either vomit  it or pass it the other way, or they would surgically remove the obstruction.

I keep vigil by my phone, and wait for the vet to call me.  With good news, or bad.  Last night he was stable.  This  morning he is still stable.  But nothing has moved one way or the  other.  And they will do more x-rays this afternoon.

My poor stupid dog.    I miss the darn troublemaker.  He  is not the most expensive dog I have had, wth  the  qualification of YET added on there.   But he is most certainly the baddest.


  1. oh my but you are a blessed woman and he is one lucky dog. I swear my cats know when the regular vet is closed - they only get sick on three-day weekends when I am forced to use the emergency vet ... MCGee is gonna need to get a job to contribute some funds for his medical costs -

  2. Guess there will be lots of us reading this who can sympathise with you guys. Our last two Setters have cost us an absolute fortune - but we wouldn't have been without them for a second!!
    Hope McGee recovers quickly - sounds like if nothing is produced you may be up for surgery bills, but hope things do go well for him.

  3. I have never known a dog like McGee. Poor baby. Poor you.

  4. Oh , there is an angel watching over McGee and you . I hope she keeps it up. You are truly an exceptional woman. I hope he's ok , the big pain in the ass that he is

  5. So sorry to hear about McGee! I'm just now checking in


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