Monday, October 28, 2013

McGee Midnight Update

Talked to the ER Vet, does he ever go home?   Poor guy, both the vet and McGee.

Vet said that McGee was comfortable and does not appear to be in danger so far.  When I called in the morning, Amanda said that he had squatted like he wanted to poop and that bought him till this afternoon without surgery.  Then at supper tonight the vet tech Tina says he has not squatted since and that bought him a dose of laxative to lubricate him.

When I called at 8 pm, Tina says it seemed surgery was the word of the day.  However, the vet x-rayed him and saw no obstructions per se, so that garnered McGee till the morning to pass the rest of the scarf.  Mother Nature is a big thing here.  If he can pass it without slicing him open that is optimal.  I have never lost a dog due to complications of surgery yet.  I had a few tears for a while this afternoon.

So word is, at midnight, that they will wait till the morning and decide what to do next.   He is a stubborn one, for sure.  And tough, too.  That may well work in his favor tonight.

I can tell you my house is empty, the walks are short handed without him, and the Kleenex boxes have all relaxed a bit.

More in the morning.........

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