Monday, November 4, 2013

Dog Quilts in Houston

 Dog Buildings?  The perfect combination!
 And yes, there was a Swissy and a Basset

 This was a photo HEAVILY thread stitched.
 gotta love this face.
 this is a german shepherd and a komondor, awesome
 Pit bulls even !

Click here to check out Quilt Inspiration's post on the Winners.

 Andy Warhol anyone?

 So what is the problem with a dog on a chair, or sofa, or bed, or the countertop??? Huh?


  1. My goodness I am behind in reading your posts! I have been so busy time is flying! Sounds like you had a good time in Houston.

  2. That one with the houses is a great idea and very doable

  3. Had a friend from Sacremento send me some of these quilt photos! I love them and so glad I know others that can make it to all the cool events!


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