Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fabrics for theTea Towel Quilt

I have survived the malaise and did not die.  If you heard otherwise, then reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!  Although, Frank was so nice to me, I really wanted to be "sick" for a while longer.  

I spent a solid day languishing  in self pity and then today got up and cooked sausage, lentil and kale soup; picked grand  dog Hugeaux up from the groomers and brought him to Carrie's house; went BACK  to Carrie's house to meet with the guy who gave the estimate to repair their garage door (mother-in-law backed into it); went to the grocery and got the ingredients for the aforementioned  soup and the stuff I need to bring to the Thanksgiving Dinner I  won't miss AND saved McGee's life 3 times.

That dog was so bad.  Today was the first day I thought, if  I got rid of him I could have a nice, calm house.  DiNozzo and Chloe are not any trouble at all.  But McGee is!  He chewed up the budget for CAAWS.  He tore up his crate pad when I was at the grocery.  And he ate a half a bag of carrots I bought for the soup.  Roughage to help the crate pad  move through him I guess.

Ohhh, that dog.

I fixed my printer problem that has plaqued me for the last week.  A document was stuck  in the queue and would not let any document print.  Finally figured out how to get rid of it.  It was not easy.

 And I finally got the mystery quilt for River City Guild worked up.  It will be a fun one.  I can't show you that one.

I started to look for fabrics to go iin my tea Towel quilt.  It surprised me when I took a close look at it, it is green!  I thought it would be in shades of taupe and greys and sparked with that yellow and the blue of the Bobby's form.  Green.  And a really odd shade of it too.

How true are the colors in the Kona and Moda solids catalogs?  I wonder.  Maybe I could order a half yard of a few and see what matches the best


  1. Look for someone selling color cards of those fabrics. I have an old Kona color card that I bought from Hancocks of Paducah.

    My tea towel is also actually very different colors than I thought.

  2. Not sure about Kona and Moda colors, but Connecting Threads is having a sale on some of their solids for $2.96 a yard. I've used them many times in the past and like them. The others are still only $4.96 a yard. I'm about to order some that might work with my tea towel.

  3. Glad your feeling better - have a happy thanksgiving!


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