Monday, November 25, 2013

My Tea Towel Arrives

It came on a rainy day when I was near death, huddled inside on the sofa with a couple of bassets.  The bassets' job was to keep momma warm.  It is a scientific fact that Basset temperature is twice the normal amount.  So if you are cold and have access to a Basset and some sort of a cover, you can trap Basset body heat under the cover and survive a below freezing night in Siberia.

The weather was lousy all day, cold and drizzle dissolved into  cold and raining.  My chest tight, burning with infection,  plied with life giving medications designed to keep one from falling into the abyss of lost patients.

I told Tara, my NP, that I could not miss thanksgiving because Number One is introducing his new girlfriend to his parents and brother for the first time.  Theories are she works at a stripper club and maybe has had multiple husbands and definitely has multiple children.  I don't want to miss any of the drama.  I have high hopes for the day, myself.

Oh, yes, my tea towel.  It arrived in the dreary rain afternoon traveling for days from Australia.

It was like an instant surge of miracle drugs to cure my malaise.  It is soft and delicious.  Pink health perfection.  And the perfect design to mirror the dreary day it arrived.

Isn't it incredible?


  1. So sorry that you have the crud! The towel is fantastic.

  2. Love the tea towel. A London scene from Australia - funny how these objects find themselves circling the globe.

  3. It is also true with mutts. Buddy snuggles up against me all night and it's hard to leave that bed in the morning! Love your tea towel and hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope the morning finds you feeling MUCH better. The image of you and the bassets made me think of 3 Dog Night ... thought it sounds like it was only a 2 Bassett evening :-)

    The London Fog Tea Towel is lovely--I love the spot of blue and how the yellow glows from that foggy scene.

  5. That is so gorgeous -- I love the yellow! Hope you've gotten yourself further away from death. Being sick and missing holidays stinks.

  6. Incredible towel, yes! Sorry you were feeling poorly. I had to chuckle about the girlfriend theories. I know someone whose first wife was indeed a former "peeler," as he put it. You can imagine the smirks that were suppressed the first time she came to a family function in form-fitting pair of pants that laced all the way up the sides. Why toss out a fully functional piece of wardrobe? Ah, the stuff of funny family memories!

  7. awesome towel-hope you are feeling better and that you have great Thanksgiving!

  8. I do like your towel. I look forward to seeing what it becomes during our challenge.


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