Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday - Suffice It To Say I Did Nothing

Yep, nothing.  Well, we did go to Best Buy and stomp our feet about the TV we just bought.  It came out in a sales flyer today at $300 less than we paid for it.  Better in my pocket than theirs!

I will load another quilt and try my hand at some free motion work.  Not sure which one just yet.

And we went to the mall to look for Steel Toed Shoes for Franklin.  He didn't find any that he liked. but I bought 2 shirts! 

Tonight is the Amazing Race in Indonesia with the rams!  I have no idea how I got involved in that program but I love it.  I am waiting  for the  A Capella Show to come back, I thought it would be here during these holidays, but maybe not.

This week I have a ton of stuff to do, Thanksgiving cooking included.  But at least we  are not driving anywhere in this horrid weather.  Be careful if you do have to drive in it though.  You want to come home safely!  A few  people have questioned me about my desire to celebrate Thanksgiving.  But the original Thanksgiving was set up t celebrate a successful harvest season.  I have harvested wonders this year and am grateful to my friends and family.  That s what I celebrate.  Same thing with Christmas.  We celebrate the season, family and fun.   You celebrate your way and we celebrate ours!

While the dogs were curled on the sofa, I made blueberry muffins from scratch and they are cooling. 

Ann  Brought me 25 lbs of sweet potatoes grown at LSU.  At the Farmer's Market I bought beets, kale, Italian sausage and the most wonderful naval oranges and Meyer lemons.  I have been so waiting for those. I want to make Kale and Sausage soup tomorrow.  We finished the last of the best meatloaf tonight! And we had two Red Lobster biscuits leftover from lunch, YUM!  (They have the best pineapple basil margarita I have tasted!)

One thing I MUST do is to figure out why the A on this keyboard sticks.  I will type a whole post, then look up and see there is not a single A in the entire post.  Every time I hit the A it sticks.  EVERY time!  Aughhhh!

I have designed a program for the new guild.  I  need to set a few more things to paper, but my notes get eaten by a certain un-named dog.

Have a wonderful week, if I don't see  you, have a nice Thanksgiving with your family!

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