Saturday, November 23, 2013

African Women First Off the Avante

Red Letter Day!  Remember those in your grammar school readers?  It was a day when exciting things happen.  And this is a Red Letter Day for sure.

African Women, my name for a Judy Laquidara pattern called Connect The Dots, is quilted and off the frame.  It is my first quilt on the new machine.  I used a pantograph from Urban Elementz called Feather Twirl.  It is the panto that ate my lunch!  Feather Twirl is an open half feather pattern that gave me a couple of long straight runs and three feather bumps.  Surprisingly, the long straight runs were way harder than the feather bump parts. Not perfect but the fabrics are busy enough so you don't see the shaky parts.

I took the quilt off the frame and laid  it on the floor to take the picture commemorating the event, and this is what I got.

 It took both Frank and I to get the idiots off the quilt and Chloe barked incessantly which ramped the boyz up and i got this.  See her just nonchalantly walking off?  That is what she does.  And if you look closely you can see each of the boys has the other's ear.  They do this all the time too!

Here is the back.  I bought this piece specifically for this quilt from the local  quilt shop sale when it was moving to  new location for 50% off.  I love the back!

So here it is, my first mess.

And in other news:  the main TV died two days ago and yesterday
we bought  new one.  It arrives on Wed.  But in the meantime, we are relegated to watching the little brother of the big dead Sony. As i am watching in the wee hours of the morning, changing the channel is a pain in the patooty because the screen is so small and I cant see the tiny tiny tiny channel numbers on the screen.......AND the cable box is not hooked up and I don't have the menu to see what is playing at 2:30 AM.  Grrr.
And in other, other news, here is my new mousepad!  That is my sweet hubby freezing his patooty off at the Lobster Bay Lighthouse overlooking Western Point Bay in Newfoundland.

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