Friday, November 22, 2013

Sophie's Tea Towel Challenge

See the leaves
peeking out behind it
I am stoked!!  Last year I actually did join in the Tea Towel Challenge.  I started late and worked on it during the June Retreat.  I
got about half done and put it aside.  There were too many cooks in the soup, if you get my drift.   But now that I have a "forward impetus" as Frank says, maybe it will get finished soon.

Nonetheless, I have ordered a fabulous tea towel for Sophie's Challenge this year.  And in case you want to join in and stretch a bit, here is a link to her Tea Towel Challenge Kick Off

Sophie Junction's Tea Towel Challenge


 My tea towel is wending its way all the way from Australia as we speak.  It will blow you away with its unbelievable beauty.  I am sure it will surpass your expectations of what a fantabulous tea towel should look like.

 Although, I do really like Sophie's Little Red Riding hood Tea Towel........


  1. You crack me up! When I saw the bassets in the image on the linky, I thought for a slit second that maybe you'd found a tea towel with some dogs yours on it ;-)

  2. Well, I *heart* your Moulin Rouge project! It has such great energy (if that is possible for a quilt; I say it certainly is). Looking forward to your "fantabulous" tea towel 2014. By the way, I'm so glad your doggie recovered from the scarf scarfing episode. What a loveable rascal!


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