Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Glorious Obsession

I have that quilt on the frame about halfway done.  I have been so busy the last couple of days that I have not had time to work on it.  And sometimes I get headaches and can't deal with noise or lights. Bummer.

McGee sleeping ON the sofa
Yesterday was one of those days, but about mid morning I felt better and went to the gym and worked out in the weight room.  When I got home the pain was still there so I slept most of the afternoon. the dogs loved that.  We all slept on the sofa in one big pile.  Well, THEY slept well, I slept fitfully because I had dogs all over me.

Last night I had a fiber group meeting and showed off the ill fated piece that was supposed to be sent to the Habitat Art Auction this year.  I was busy saving that stupid dog's life when I was supposed to be bringing it to them.  Next year, next year.

I have a strong desire to start another quilt.  I long to lovingly choose fabrics and wield the rotary cutter, slicing through the warp and weft of woven cloth.  Cutting it into small pieces and then sewing those pieces back together again in a seemingly insane activity.  Why, Frank often asks, do you so enjoy cutting stuff into pieces and just sewing it back together again?

Trees look like this all over town
I guess it does sound kinda funny to someone who doesn't have the same obsession.  Much like my inability to understand why a cocaine addict desires the drug so strongly.  I do, however, totally get hoarders, just sayin' !!!!

So I need to work to finish the quilt on the frame and put a few more on before I actually begin more tops.  I need to have a pact with myself to finish 2 or 3 of the tops to every new one I make.    That sounds reasonable, don't you think?  I figure doing that will take like 27 years to finish up ll the tops in my room.  Or maybe I should just wait till June and crush Patti the Quilt Lady like a bug in a Quilt Your Quilt Top Duel To The Death.  Hmm.

While doing laps in the gym pool this morning, Paula and I talked about the coming out party I am
planning for the Avante.  I think it needs to wait until after Thanksgiving holiday.  And I guess most people "name" their machines.  My friend Kim named her Tin Lizzie Minnie Pearl, and had a price tag hanging on the head.  Like Minnie Pearl's hat, remember that?

Mine doesn't seem like an old country woman, though.  It seems more modern.  More like Benjamin Bratt or Jimmy Smits kind of modern. Maybe Miley?  That is pretty darn modern!  I wonder if my machine twerks?

Do you have a name for your machine?  What is it?  Do you have  suggestion for me?

glen:  I love the fall for the Black Eyed Susans which are prolific along the roadsides, aren't they beautiful?


  1. Crush me like a bug? Hey your probably will once you get the hang of Bubba - Oh that the name of your new machine. I am not sure if I have any chance against a long armer, but I will not throw in the towel. I will duel you to the death - after all I am the champ for the last two years!

  2. My purple longarm was named Iris and this red one is named Ruby. Anything but Miley!! :) I love how the trees look now-so festive!

  3. Hi Glen, my machine is not named, so no help there. I noticed you have your top clamped to the backing. I do not clamp my tops, but rather baste the edges with the longarm. Less chance of damage to the machine, because hitting those clamps and having them slip under the foot--NOT GOOD. Just a suggestion. Loretta

  4. I never realized people "named" their machines until I found blogs (by then, I'd had mine many many years), it went largely unnamed. When I bought my Janome 1600P, I named her Olive RIGHT AWAY. This was my mother's mom's birthgiven name...and, one of my favorite colors! I was a tomboy growing up and had NO DESIRE to do anything girlie. My mom sewed (marginally well in retrospect), my sister WANTED to sew but sadly lacked anyskills, but my grandmother, she could create something just by looking at it. Apparently, I have that skill set...and I'm not complaining a bit! Anyway, I thought it was fitting to name my new little slice of "skill-enhancer" after such a great woman, even if I did only know her 4 years of my life. My mother yells me all the time that her mom would be proud of me.

  5. I never quite get the naming the sewing machines or cars for that matter - they are a sewing machine or a car to me - no name.


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