Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Motorcycle Delivery Accompished!

It took 4 UPS guys and 3 UPS trucks and one loader lady from the inside of the main truck.  I heard them heading down the cold, quiet street.  They were looking for the addresses, I sort of knew that.  So I stepped out to the cold porch.

Two of the trucks zoomed by and one turned at the street.  They all went away and my heart deflated.

then, all of a sudden they turned the corner at the end of the street and stopped in front of my house!  Yes!

they hustled and bustled and milled about, pulling packages out and toting them in to my foyer.  When they had five huge boxes in they were looking for more.  I said, there should be seven. 

the beautiful sonorous voice from the inside the truck tells me, Dalin', you got EIGHT packages today.  You must be special!

They all wanted to know what it was, one guy guessed a motorcycle, although when the others laughed at him, he had to admit that he had never seen a motorcycle a lady was going to put  together!

I loved it!

Here are my beauties. The frame packages. 

There is the bobbin winder......oh so big!

Even the handlebars!

 and the extra package number eight!.


  1. oooh, that's exciting! I'll be right over with a top to put on the machine!

  2. I think this is more exciting than a new camera! Enjoy your "motorcycle."

  3. Do you have to put it together yourself? I am excited to see this working!

  4. Woo hoo! The real fun is about to begin.

  5. I'm envisioning "captain America" putting together your machine right now - lol!

  6. What about your Mega Quilter?!?!? You no like? Can't wait to see the whole thing put together!


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