Friday, November 15, 2013

OMG! Its Off The Wall Friday and I Have Nothing.....Again!

I just realized that it is Thursday night and I have not put the needle to the fabric once again this week.  But if you read my blog you know that I had a BIG DEAL yesterday.  So if you are craving shots of work that people have actually done,  click NinaMarie's Off the Wall. She also has a great discussion about color saturation and how to use it in your work to make it zing.

I received my Avante packages, all 7 of them, last night!  See this post HERE.

The funny thing, other than the fact it came at quarter to nine and I stayed home and waited ALL day for it, was the delivery guys.  All 5 of them wanted to know what in the world was in there.

One had decided it was a motorcycle because of the box labeled "Handlebars".  The others laughed at him.  But it was a logical guess.  He was momentarily impressed that I was a girl and was going to put together a whole motorcycle. 

If he would have seen us tonight!  Putting together the "motorcyle" was interesting, to say the least.  The instructions were fairly clear, but for some reason my engineer husband was totally confounded by them.  So we worked out that I would read and translate and he would do the heavy lifting and locating the tools he put down just anywhere.  Oye.

We also had a lot of help from the Basset Boyz.  They were totally interested in the smells of the UPS delivery people and the HandiQuilter people who packed it in the first place.  Once that novelty wore off and they had wuffed up all the smell molecules they could stand, they decided to help with the assembly.   DiNozzo was largelly content to look out the window from a vantage he rarely gets.

McGee, on the other hand, was right in there.  Head in the way, smelling the M8x25mm RHCSAs while I was trying to rachet it in with the included 8 MM Allen Wrench.  When I put him outside, he howled at the back door like I was depriving him of some life giving substance.  So I let him in but blocked him out of the dining room.  So he ate the box and instructions (and destroyed the set up CD) from the new external disk drive I just bought and shredded two of the Quilt Magazines that just came.  I sure hope there was nothing good in them.

So next week, I promise, really.  I promise to have a "real" post for you.



  1. Can't wait to see it in action! Congratulations!

  2. Sounds like you had an exciting day.

  3. I'm curious....what made you decide on a Handi Quilter versus all the other brands? I've always Sid if I got one it would be the HQ-16 Sweet Sixteen, but I guess that's because I used one once and loved it.

  4. How did you not pull his ears off his head?!? My standard poodle took it upon himself to take my recently painted watercolors off the coffee table and pull my favorite out of the middle, and eat 3/4 of it leaving the evidence. Lest I wonder if my husband ate it, now I knew it was the poodle. grrr. I recognize the head in the way, looking, wondering why the people are so interested in something none edible.I'm going to read more of your blog now. LeeAnna Paylor check out my blog with poodle ponderings and art


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