Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rocking and Rolling

Frank and I had finished up the frame this morning.  When Margaret arrived she approved of our work.  After loading the head on the carrier we leveled the frame to the machine.  Frank crawled around on the floor like a 16 year old.  I was
proud of him.   Later he told me he smashed his finger on something and was in considerable pain. I had no idea.  He said it was a matter of manly pride, he sucked it up and persevered like a real man!

When everything was to her satisfaction, Margaret showed me how to thread the machine.  And the bobbin.  Then we loaded a practice piece and played with tension adjustments.

It ran like a purring kitten and was quieter than a snoring basset.   I was so incredibly pleased.  I will quilt all my quilts on it.  The quilts will now be perfect.  And all my friends (and even my enemies) will love them and I will win all of the contests now.  Of course for the price I paid for it, I could have bought exceptional quilting services for many years to come. But I digress........

Then we put the camera in place.  I forgot to take pictures of the back where the camera is set up to view the pantograph on the shelf.  The monitor you see on the front of the head is where you see the video of the pantograph from the front of the machine.

The camera is not from HandiQuilter.  I bought it from R&S and is called QuiltCam.  You can see it by clicking here.  This will take you to the website.  I paid the show price and got a great deal!

When Margaret left, she was right, I felt like I understood the first steps of what I needed.  I immediately made drawings of the way the quilt was loaded.  And immediately after that, taped the drawings to the frame.

I am never going to remember how to do this any other way!

This, however, was how the bassets celebrated.


  1. Would you rather DiNozzo eating parts off the frame or camera? I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. How many quilts do you have quilted now? LOL!

  3. How great to have your own long-arm I am so jealous!!!
    Nothing quite a sleeping dog, or dogs, is there?

  4. So glad you are up and running! Now I expect to see a completed quilt at least once a week!

  5. Do snoring Bassets dream of purring kitties? Have fun!


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