Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gotta Love Him

That is what I say.  Even though I tell him, he has no clue that I would just love a gift certificate from either of the two quilt shops in town rather than that weird boldly striped afghan sized cover up serape thing that flaps wildly as it drapes from my shoulders.   Too much, just too much. 

I couldn't help it, it got returned this morning.  I was near tears when I saw it, but tried to look moderately happy.  It was hard!  And the hard part was that he was really proud of it, it was my
"big" present, too.  I certainly didn't want to hurt his feelings. 

I guess that goes back to me ordering what I want and handing to him to wrap.  Although, I keep thinking that if I can determine what make him happy, then he could do the same thing for me.   would like. 

It is important to make your loved ones feel special.  Different good.  Special.  You thought of them more than anyone else.  I bought him the Atari Flashback that has the games of the early Atari he loves.  He has been wanting this for years but it finally came out this year.

We also went to Academy to exchange his jeans.  There was a choice of lengths of 32 and 34.  32 is too short and 34 is too long.  We finally decided to get an additional pair of the 34s, wash them and have the alteration ladies scootch it up an inch to perfection length.

I was able to get a piece of specialized fabric that is so amazing.  Next week I will make something from it and reveal it to you.  You are going to want some for yourself.  I am trying to figure out how to use it in my fiber group.

More later! I am busy makig resolutions and seeing what can be better next year!


  1. too funny! I have my DH hooked on a deal where I go by the LQS and leave a "wish list" - and then he stops by and buys part (or all!) of it... So he gets to shop, and I get what I want! Works like a charm...
    At least he didn't get his feelings hurt when you returned it!
    Happy New Year to you

  2. Poor Frank. He is such a good man and you are so lucky.

  3. My husband finally decided to pick me out some fabric last year for was such a sweet thought...I think gift cards are terrible. I hate them from lived ones! He gave me. Gift cards for years, I finally told him, PLEASE, pick me out something! I dint know where he found the fabric, but it was TGE UGLIEST, MOST HIDEOUS shit I've ever seen....but it was thoughtful! I did finally use that crap as the backing for some dog blankets for the shelter....I mean, it was so ugly I didn't want it on the front of a blanket for a shelter dog! We don't exchange gifts anymore, but I love him just the same.


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