Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Unusual Christmas

Our Christmases are always somewhat unusual.  But this one tops the cake, so to speak.  Neither Carrie nor I put up a tree this year.   So when we arrived at her house she had all her presents lined up against the secretary that came from my grandmother's house.  I said, I do so like your Christmas Chest!  LOL, we laughed.

The centerpiece on he table was her broccoli that had gone to flower.  Actually that made a very cool centerpiece that I would  like to do again!

We ate and exchanged presents - I got a certificate to her friend's spa for a whole body workover.  I will certainly use that!  Frank got a device that allows him to connect the computer and the iPads to the new TV.  The TV then becomes the monitor.  Way Cool!  Videos, my blog, photos, perfect!

I gave myself a makeover for my dad's watch.  He received it from Zale's Jewelry when he left a Vice President position.  It is a beautiful old watch.  No batteries, it has one of those wind up mechanisms that winds as you move your arm around.  See his name inscribed in 24 ct gold on the face?

We talked for a while about the house she is designing.  It will be gorgeous.  Then we headed over to Ann's house to deliver their presents.  Ann has taken in her three young great grandchildren.  So their house looks like a young family's house strewn with toys on Christmas Day.  Pretty much chaos.

The littlest one, a two year old, took all the keys off her computer.  I didn't even know it could be done!  Now she
has to painstakingly put them all back together again before she can do anything!

tree with miissing top

Ann has the best tree of the season.  It started as a perfectly shaped tree on the tree lot.  Then it rode on the roof of her van from the tree lot to their house.  And then into the garage.  I imagine, much like that insurance commercial when they guy drives his car into the garage with the bikes on top!

The result was the loss of the tree top and the definite cant to the left.

It definitely is that Charlie Brown tree.  But it still held magic on Christmas morning!

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