Friday, December 20, 2013

Herbal Resist and Camo

Today in Louisiana it was Support the Duck Dynasty Day so we donned our Camo wear and made a statement.  

I have been to a couple of Quilty Christmas Parties, taken a trip to Lafayette to see my sweet friend and the quilt shop, bought some fabulous fabric I didn't need and failed miserably at Christmas shopping.

I have a to do list a mile long still.  I have no spirit.  The one bright spot in this was to be meeting with cousin and giving her the fantastic gift I found and had shipped in from Sicily.  Her sickness combined with Matt's busy end of the year schedule we didn't get to meet.  So that was a bummer.

I kept thinking I didn't get franks present yet! but I realized I did get it and had stuffed it into a closet.  We didn't put up a tree again and it is difficult to think of presents not under something.  I should have gotten a small tree, I guess, just to get a tiny bit of the spirit.

The Herbal Resist of the post title is the challenge for the January fiber group.  Any suggestions?????
My mind is totally blank.  Carol, send me some of your amazing creativity.  Nina-Marie?  8 x12 ish size.

Maybe something will come to me.  Or I might hide instead.......

Ok,  I know you want to see the material I got but didn't need.

Tell me Charlene and I don't think alike.  I walk  into the shop and die for this fabric.  She says, look what I have for you for Christmas----this dog fabric! OHHHHH  YESSSSSS!

It was pure love! Do you see that BASSET?  CHLOE!

LOVE those dogs!  Brand new from David Hearn called Dogma.  In The beginning Fabrics.    Isn't it fabulous?  In the store that blue looked perfect.  But at home it is not.  But I think it has a good home though.

This is for two pillow cases that will be on the bed with the Ellies Quilt in my bedroom.  It needs a red flange in there.
 And I found the most perfect piece to start off the  tea Towel Challenge with.  It is a greenish grey and is the perfect color for the towel.  I do  not have a concept of the quilt in my mind yet.  it scares me to event try to think of it.  Yes, I am scared to start this one.

Enjoy looking, I have to go, more  later!


  1. Had I known you didn't have a tree, I would have given you Northcott tree and/or paper piece tree. I loved seeing you and Ann and lunch was fun! Hope to see you on the second and stay the night. Those trees may have to come so you can get them ready for next year.

  2. That's what we do...tree wall hanging above dresser and a few gifts for the critters sit there...safely awaiting Christmas morning.


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